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 One Day Trips
 Photo Excursions

Photo I

Price $125

This class is an introduction to the basic photographic principles of ISO, Shutterspeed, and Aperture and how these elements work together to create four types of images; show action, stop action, full depth of field, and limited depth of field. We cover other topics such as Metering, White Balance, Auto Focus, Contrast Ratios, and limitations of digital and film cameras. If you are new to Digital Photography or have had your camera for years and are still shooting on Automatic Mode, this is the class for you. We help simplify your camera so that you can take better images and enjoy the process. The small class setting makes learning comfortable and interactive.

Format: Digital and Film
What to bring to class: Camera, Lens, pen or pencil, and paper.

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Photo II

Price $125

This class builds on material discussed in Photo I. Students will learn about lens perspectives and focal lengths and what lens to choose based on what they want their image to look like.We cover equipment choices for various genres of photography and image types. We dive deeper into other photographic accessories such as filters, meters, flashes, and digital storage options. Students also learn how to use the four stops of light to determine exposure. The combination of Photo I and II lay the foundation for those interested in learning photography.

Format: Digital and Film
What to bring to class: Camera, Lenses, pen or pencil, and paper.

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In the Field Practice

Price $65

Practice makes perfect...
This one hour class gives you a chance to practice your photography with assistance from one of our instructors. All skill levels welcome. Grab your camera and join us! Meet at Cole/Marr Photography Workshops. Call to schedule date and time.

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Photoshop I

Price $125 $̶1̶7̶5̶

This class is an introduction to Adobe Photoshop. We cover the various tools in PS; what they do and when you would use them. Our focus is to help you learn how to edit your photos using five tools or less. We also cover monitor calibration, printer profiles, color correction, media storage, and a basic workflow. Editing programs are the second step in digital photography. Just like film must be processed, so do digital images. Think of these editing programs as your “digital darkroom”. On the second night students will work on their own images with one on one assistance from our instructors.

Format: Digital Images or scanned negatives
What to bring to class: Pen or pencil, paper, laptop with Adobe Photoshop and your images.

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Photoshop II

Price $125 $̶1̶7̶5̶

This class builds on what students have learned in Photoshop I. We dive deeper into Photoshop by exploring Layers, Masks, and Groups. We will also learn about Adjustment Layers and how to use them. We will also discuss quick and simple retouching techniques for portrait and people photography.

Format: Digital Images or Scanned Negatives
What to bring to class: Pen or pencil, paper, laptop with Adobe Photoshop and your images

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Price $125

Composition refers to the way in which various elements of a scene are arranged within the frame. Learning how to compose an image is just as important as learning proper exposure. There are no hard rules in composition, but there are guidelines that enhance the visual experience. In this class we explore these elements and discuss how they affect an image and how to use them as a form of expression. We will also cover a general history of photography.

What to bring to class: Pen or Pencil and paper.
Optional: 2 or 3 personal images to be reviewed.

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iPhone and Android Photography

Price $75

"My Camera thinks it's a phone!" Over the years photography has had several meaningful advancements. Cell phone cameras have had a profound impact on the ease and convenience in which we capture images in our lives. These cameras can take images of everything form the basic "selfie" and your morning breakfast to professional magazine and gallery display prints. This class will explain how to take your basic cell phone photography to another level. We will discuss what the camera can do as well as its limitations. We explore various apps, lenses, and accessories that will help bring out your creativity using this wonderful technology.

Format: iPhone or Android cameras
What to bring to class: Cell phone camera, pen or pencil, and paper.

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Darkroom I

Price $125 | includes all processing materials, students will supply film to be developed

The art of film photography is alive and well! Darkroom I is an introduction to B+W film processing and printing. Students will learn about darkroom equipment, setup, and safety procedures. In this class students have the opportunity to develop 35mm or 120mm B+W film and create prints from their negatives. Film photography has a quality and magic that must be experienced.

Format: 35mm or 120mm B+W film
What to bring to class: Pen or Pencil, paper, and at least 1 roll of exposed 35mm or 120mm B&W film ISO 400 rated at 100

Darkroom Rental Passes available by the hour, month, 6 month, and year.

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Darkroom II

Price $175 | includes all processing materials

Darkroom II builds on principles and techniques learned in Darkroom I. This class focuses on Fine Art printing, variable contrast and split contrast printing, paper types, and toning for permanence and effect. This workshop also focuses on dodging and burning techniques used by Ansel Adams.

Format: B+W film
What to bring to class: Pen or Pencil, paper, and B+W negatives for printing

Darkroom Rental Passes available by the hour, month, 6 month, and year.

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Professional Presentation/Matting and Framing

Price $150 | includes all materials and 11x14 frame kit

This class explores how to present your photography in a professional manner. Students receive hands on demonstrations of mounting, matting, and framing. Students will learn how to calculate mat and frame sizes and create their own custom framed art. In this class we will also discuss basic gallery and presentation guidelines as well as professional portfolio options.

What to bring to class: Pen or pencil, paper, and 8x10 print to be framed.

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Studio Still Life Photography

Price $125 $̶1̶7̶5̶

Do you sell products on ebay or etsy? A great product photo could make or break a sale. This class focuses on creating commercial/product images and artistic still lifes. We discuss lighting techniques, camera formats, lens choices, and which are appropriate for each style. This is a great class for the budding still life artist or commercial photographer.

Formats: Digital and Film
What to bring to class: Pen or pencil, paper, camera, and lenses.
Optional: Tripod.

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Portrait Photography

Price $125 $̶1̶7̶5̶

“True Portraiture is a window to the soul” -Anonymous
In this class we explore the different types of portrait photography and people's expectations from each. We cover proper lens choices and camera types for different styles, as well as flash systems, lighting techniques, effect filters, and reflector use. Students learn basic best practices for posing subjects and location scouting. We also discuss the legalities and ethics involved in taking portraits.

Formats: Digital and Film
What to bring to class: Pen or Pencil, paper, camera, and lenses.
Optional: Tripod and flashes.

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Large Format/Fine Art Workshop

Price $2895 | includes rental of 4x5 view camera, tripod, film, all darkroom equipment use, chemistry, photo paper and one on one instruction

This workshop is for anyone who wants to take their image making to the next level. The photographic principles taught in this workshop will also enrich your digital photography. This class is an 8 week course taught one on one with an instructor. Students will learn through in-the-field sessions, processing sessions, and printing sessions. We will cover Ansel Adams’ Zone System, how to determine proper exposures using the four stops of light, using creative filters, and so much more. This class also includes a lesson in matting and framing where students will frame one of their 8x10 images.

Format: 4x5 Large Format
What to bring to class: Pen or pencil and paper: all other material provided.

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Business of Photography

Price $65 | an hour minimum 1 hour

One on one consultation is flexible. Many different topics could be discussed; Portfolio Review, Fine Art Photography, Product/Commercial Photography, Freelance, Stock Photography, Portrait/wedding Photography, Architectural Photography. Student determines content based on their needs.

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CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULE POLICIES: 24 HOUR notice must be given to cancel or reschedule a workshop. A "NO SHOW" will incur a $40 reschedule fee. CANCELLATION less than 24 hours will incur a $20.00 reschedule fee. Although we DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS on workshops, you may apply your tuition within 1 year of cancellation, toward any other workshop or service Cole/Marr offers. TUITION/ENROLL: Payment must be received 7 days prior to workshop start date in order to secure your enrollment in any workshop.
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