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I recently attended the Photo I & II workshops, and will attend the Composition workshop today and tomorrow. All I can say is, “Wow!” David really knows his stuff, and taught me more about the fundamentals in a few hours than my teacher did in college years ago! That says a lot! He has a terrific teaching style, mixing humor to lighten it up, tips that shorten the learning curve and has an all around mastery of the art of photography. I would recommend David’s workshops to anyone, as he can help the true beginner, as well as someone who already has experience. Everyone there is very friendly, and always greet you with a smile. It is very obvious that they love what they do, and are experts in their fields. Take a workshop for yourself and you will find these things to be true.

Arjun Ramesh

★★★★★ Had an amazing trip with David Marr up to Kootenai then on to Canada. Learned lots, great company, amazing scenery, and beautiful creatures!! Thank you thank you!

Desiree Fitzgerald

It was awesome – signed up for another workshop!

Recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to maximize using their camera. Fabulous class!!!!

The class was exactly what i wanted and more. Dave knew his information and kept it entertaining while teaching the camera. I hope I can go back for another class.”

Darla Frank

Candace Duell This was an excellent workshop. He gave very useful information and answered all of the questions that the st… Deal: Two or Four Photography Classes – Boise – 11/01/13

Candace Duell

Rick Davis said: “It was a great workshop. I learned a lot in this beginner workshop even after having taken several photography courses/classes over the years. I’m looking forward to taking more workshops from Cole/Marr. Very nice facility as well. It’s somewhere you can go and just relax downtown and have a cup of coffee, enjoy their photography or even rent a darkroom to work. Great staff, great resources, I’m looking forward to going back next week.”

Rick Davis

Timm Brown said: “David is an extremely gifted Photographer. It is evident in his “Art on the Wall”. He is serious in his desires to tranfer his 40+ years of knowledge. Not only does he have the wisdom of photography, he also has the skills to transfer that knowlede to his students. Any photographer wanting to improve their photo skills would be welcome here and benifit as well. Timm”

Timm Brown

Allison Korte said: “I learned a ton about my camera that I had no idea about. The instructor was very nice and the whole experience was definately worth the money!”

Allison Korte

Peggy Kelly Recommend it to anyone interested in learning how to maximize using their camera. Fabulous class!!!

Peggy Kelly

The pictures I take are now sharper, better lit, and composed prior to editing since taking these classes. I am more motivated to take great pictures first and edit them slightly later. David is a great instructor who inspires creativity and fun with photography.


I gained a much greater understanding of the elements affecting exposure, namely ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. We also learned about depth of focus, dynamic range, lenses, and white balance. With the knowledge I learned, I was able to get the results I wanted in a photograph, but was not able to achieve with the auto setting. 🙂


The pictures I take are now sharper, better lit, and composed prior to editing since taking these classes. I am more motivated to take great pictures first and edit them slightly later. David is a great instructor who inspires creativity and fun with photography.

Cole/Marr Student

These trips are worth every penny; I enjoyed last years trip and came back with some great photos and photography skills.

Mitch Silvers

David, the tutelage I have received from you and Kristen over the last two years has been invaluable. The improvement of my artistic photographic process can be directly attributed to the classes I took form you and Kris. And even more from your continued availability day after day to review my work. It’s been hard work but worth every minute. Best, Robert P Whitlatch

Robert P Whitlatch

Patty Roberts Went to my 1st Class at Cole/Marr loved it loved it, can’t wait again tonight!!!

Patty Roberts

Hello David, I just wanted to send along a note to thank you for an excellent set of evenings in ‘Photo II’. It was very well presented, and your incredible experience along with personal vision, created a reaffirming experience. One topic that comes to mind is the creative way you interweave film and digital, the reasons why, etc. Your unique emphasis on wildlife Thanks again! Mary

Mary S.
Teacher of Art

Your work is amazing & I loved your classes. I intend to take more soon.

Cindy Vitek

I learned so much at the photoshop class the last 2 days 🙂 thanks David Marr!!!

Terry Upadhaya

Great class tonight, your Photo 1 was well worth the money. I learned so much and now feel like I understand my camera. Thank You and I look forward to seeing you in Photo 2.

Tyler James Bush

I attended your Photo I class in October and am signed up for Photo II at the end of this month. I can’t thank you enough for all of the great information. Really looking forward to the next class!

Jenny Sarault

David Marr is the best instructor I have ever had, bar none: His technical knowledge coupled with years of experience as a professional photographer along with his ability to explain basic principles make for complete comprehension. I would strongly recommend taking the workshops in combination with day long field trips to make for a more positive learning experience. John de Veuve

John de Veuve

Took Photo I and II at Cole Marr. The classes were extremely helpful. Looking forward to the Leslie Gulch excursion next week!

Chris Lynch

I really loved the workshops! It really helped me to understand how my camera behaves with what I am asking it to do!!

Terry Upadhaya

These workshops are incredible. Great learning and lots of fun!

Doug Gulbrandsen

Great atmosphere –Lots of fun – David Marr and Kristen Cole always make you feel welcome. What a Beautiful Gallery ! David Marr is a knowledgeable Instructor. Cole-Marr Photography will take you step by step through “Photo 101” all the way through Film and Digital Darkroom and beyond to large format. Great Photo Classes and Workshops – both in the studio and on the road. (I love the Photography Road Workshop Trips.) You continue to learn (while having fun) with excellent photography instruction all day long. Cole-Marr are the “go to” people for help in camera and accessory selection that is right for you. Small Class sizes so you really get a lot of personal attention! David Marr never tires of answering the “same old questions” over and over again. I can attest to that as I was and still am one of those students! Thanks for a wonderful experience! Madalyn Reilly

Madalyn Reilly

i LOVE THESE PEOPLE I work right next door to Cole Marr at Salon 162, I see these two every single day. I am always greeted with a fresh happy smile and real conversation. The best coffee and lattes are served there, A fresh carafe of regular will be brewed if its not up to the standard! So much appreciated. I love the atmosphere, the live music is wonderful and the photography is incredible. I also love the snackies and treats you can get to accompany your coffee choice. they are always fresh and delicious! I am very much the connoisseur of coffee and snacks and good service. They also have free internet when you visit them! come in and see cole marr, they have an incredible photo studio and are wonderful loving people. they improve my days!

Dave L. Boise, ID 1/13/2011 After taking a bunch of photography classes and not really getting what I wanted, my girlfriend saw a Cole Marr workshop on Groupon and bought it. I went to the workshop with pretty low expectations. I was seriously surprised. I’ve been studying photography seriously for about 3 years and in the first 3 hours of the workshop over half of the nagging issues I had were resolved and everything came together. David is a gentle, knowledgeable instructor who has an uncanny ability to communicate the complexities of photography, specifically digital photography like I have yet to experience anywhere else in Idaho. I strongly recommend all of his classes if you are serious about photography or if you are serious about learning to maximize the digital camera you have. I can’t really say anything about the coffee or the coffee house because I haven’t tried it yet, but the art and the vibe is very cool. I’ll be taking every class Cole Marr offers, they are that good.

Dave L.

IMP ‎ – Jun 2, 2010 Mixer @ Cole/Marr Idaho Media Professionals will be hosting a Mixer June 16, 2010 from 5 to 7pm @ Cole/Marr Kristen and David are such a delight and amazing experts in their field. We are pleased to be able to have such a space to mingle and learn more about the art and craft of photography.


Xian ‎ – Jun 2, 2010 Hidden jewel of Boise This has quickly become my favorite places to frequent. I love the coffee house where I can bask in ambiance of soft jazz and beautiful photography!!


David Marr teaches the technology and techniques of contemporary photography with an artist’s eye for composition and light. His knowledge of cameras and lenses enables him to help students obtain optimal results with their own equipment, be it large format view camera, point and shoot, or high end DSLR. David’s classes and photographic excursions are a delight, and his many stories are informative and entertaining. Students become so engaged that they often don’t realize just how much they are learning. We have joined David and some of his other students on several excellent Cole Mare Photography Workshop excursions. Most recently, we went on his spring nine-day trip to Alaska. This was truly an outstanding experience, both because it was Alaska and because of excellent planning and accommodations arranged by David’s wife and partner, Kristen Cole. The landscapes, seascapes, and wildlife are truly magnificent, all of which were amplified by David’s knowledge based on numerous trips over more than 30 years. This Alaska trip, spring or fall, will be enjoyed by anyone who is interested in outdoor photography.

Jyl Hoyt & Dr. Robert vestal

I had a really great time in the class!! I learned a lot of very helpful information! I very much enjoyed your instruction David. Your personality and experience helped to make the class real and relevant for me! I have been practicing and looking forward to much more practice!! and more classes


I love the small size of classes. It gives the students more one on one with the teacher. The price is very reasonable.David is easy to understand and patient. I recommend his classes to everyone and have passed his card to others. Thanks for being in Boise and having having such a warm and inviting workshop.

Tammy Redlich

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