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The Cole/Marr Photography Workshops are now able to safely conduct small classes which are limited to 10 students! Masks are optional, but are still recommended. However, we will still be utilizing social distancing. All of our instructors have been fully vaccinated and are anxiously awaiting their student's return to the craft of photography. Please see our new class schedules and In the Field day trip dates by clicking on Workshop or Excursions.

We are also continuing to offer students an opportunity to engage in a photo workshops on a one on one basis with our instructors. This allows students to learn at a more advanced pace. Those students who would prefer a more personal approach to their photography goals appreciate this teaching format.

By utilizing this format students will learn:
  • How to operate YOUR camera. Not a generic approach to try to cover all of the students cameras in a large class environment.
  • An instructor’s evaluation of your equipment as it pertains to YOUR photographic goals.
  • Out in the field hands on instruction on how to approach and design photographs with YOUR own photographic eye with YOUR camera.
These one on one sessions are tailored to and customized to each student’s needs and to produce the very best results in the shortest amount of time and investment.

Tuition: each 2 hour session $125.00 (Minimum 2 hours)
Call 208-867-6565 to Schedule your customized personal Workshop NOW!
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Photography Classes In Boise Idaho

Workshops and Excursions are a great way to learn about Photography, your Camera, and how to express yourself. Check out our calendar for upcoming workshops and excursions.

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